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Ski & Snowboard Tuning Tips

It’s no secret that snowboarding and skiing are expensive sports to participate in. Many people go up to the mountains just once a season and decide to rent their snowboards and skis, but the rental prices can catch up if you are a frequent mountaineer. Purchasing your own equipment is wise if you are planning to snowboard or ski for more than 5 days in a season.

There are many benefits in owning your own equipment, cost wise and otherwise. By owning your own equipment you will get the benefit of having consistency in your gear. Although most mountains and ski resorts offer the latest technology in ski and snowboard rentals, odds are each time you rent the set up will be different than what you rented the time before. By owning your own equipment you will get consistency in the equipment which will help progression in skills.

Most of us treat the rental equipment like a redheaded step child. We abuse it on the hill or in the parking lot after we’re done riding for the day. This should not be the case when you own your own equipment. Caring for your gear will ensure that your gear will perform at a high level for the long run, unless if you have a money tree and will buy new gear each and every winter.

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