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Ski & Snowboard Base Maintenance

The base of your board needs to be smooth to keep your Ski and Snowboard gliding perfectly. If skis or snowboards have bases that are not flat they won’t perform like they’re designed to. The high spots have to be ground down either manually or by machine so that the running surface is flat. Since this is difficult and time consuming to do accurately by hand, we suggest taking your skis or board to a qualified shop if you suspect you need this sort of work done. Service technicians will check the flatness of your bases with a true bar and make your bases flat with a stone grinder.

Snowboard and Ski Base Cleaning

  • Wipe off all the dirt of the surface with some cloth.

  • Apply a base cleaner to the base of your Snowboard or skis. Base cleaners specific to Snowboard and skis will dissolve the wax and bring all kinds of impurities to the surface.

  • Let the cleaner evaporate for about 15 minutes and wipe the surface again.

Snowboard and Ski Base Repair

If you have small gouges in your Snowboard surface you can repair those using a P-Tex candle.Light one end of the P-Tex candle and let drops of P-Tex into the gouges. Let the board and the P-Tex cool down and then use a scraper to scrape off the excess P-Tex and smooth out the surface.

Large gouges and core shots need to be repaired by a professional technician.

Snowboard and Ski Base Structure
Base structure is also important. If you look carefully at a quality ski or snowboard base, you’ll notice that it’s not smooth but actually has a pattern of grooves and/or tiny dimples in it. This “structure” helps break the suction between your base and the snow and lets you slide faster. The base will also absorb wax better with the proper structure.

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