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How To Wax Skis & Snowboards

Frequently used snowboard and skis face damages to the base and edge ranging from small scratches to major cuts. Waxing and maintaining the base of the snowboard and skis will result in a longer life for your equipment and reduce friction between the base and the snow which will help in not getting stuck in flat areas on the mountain.

Basic snowboard and ski tuning, repairs and maintenance can be done at home with the correct tuning kits. Just have in mind that it can get messy sometimes and if you live in an apartment, then it’s better to call Stick Docs.

There are a number of ways to wax a snowboard. The most convenient method is to call Stick Docs. However, if you rather wax your snowboard yourself the following steps will guide you on how to do it.


There are several different types of waxes available and choosing the correct one is very important. Ski and snowboard Waxes have a temperature rating and using the wrong wax type could actually slow you down instead of helping you glide. If you are not sure which temperature wax to use then we suggest a universal wax good for all temps.

Place the wax bar against the hot iron (make sure to use an iron with no holes) and allow the wax to drip on the base of the snowboard. Make sure the iron is not too hot and there is no smoke when the wax is pressed against it.

Once the wax is dripped on the base of the snowboard, it’s time to spread and smooth it out with your iron. Apply a thin layer and make sure to cover the entire base of the snowboard. Once the entire area is covered, allow the wax to cool off and get into the base.

Use a wax scraper and remove the excess wax. Be sure to pull the scraper towards yourself as shown in the image above in long and uniform method from tip to tail. Once all the wax is removed, polish the base with an abrasive pad.

Where Should You Wax Your Snowboard or Skis?

How to Wax Snowboard and Skis ?

Applying the Wax
Spread Out the Wax
Remove Excess Wax and Buff Base
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