What is Stick Docs?

Stick Docs is a Ski and Snowboard Tuning Service. We repair and maintain skis and snowboards, repair edges and damaged bases. The best part of our service is the pick up and drop off from your home or office. We come to you!

Check out our service areas to see if we are in your neighborhood.


How Does Stick Docs Work?

Schedule a pick up online or on the app. We pick up skis and snowboards every afternoon and evening throughout the season from your home or office.

We offer the quickest turnaround time on all ski & snowboard repairs in all of Southern California for the same price as brick & mortar shops.

You saved time and your sanity by using Stick Docs, not to mention the love your skis and snowboards got from a certified Stick Docs technician. We’ll make sure to bring a smile to your face when your skis and snowboards glide effortlessly in deep powder or man made snow.


Where is Stick Docs?

Stick Docs is everywhere! Because of our unique pick-up and drop-off services we serve a wide range of communities in the Los Angeles area. Your skis and snowboards will be tuned in one of our two state of the art tuning facilities.

Check out our service areas to see if we are in your neighborhood.


Why should I use Stick Docs?

You should use Stick Docs because you value your free time and you demand quality workmanship.


In the recent years more and more ski and snowboard shops have been going out of business due to online competition. With less shops around to provide ski and snowboarding tune-up services, it is an inconvenience to drive across LA just to get to get to a ski shop.


We don't give you a long turn around time and we have the latest tuning equipment and technology to properly tune-up your skis and snowboards. Our mission is to make life more convenient for you, it is that simple.


How Do I Pay?

Once we pick up your skis and snowboards for a tune-up, you will receive a link so you can pay your invoice online. You may also pay cash or with any major credit card when we drop off your equipment. Whichever works best for you!