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Ski Maintenance Services

Skis require regular maintenance to achieve optimum performance; by this we mean achieving maximum glide, edge control, and ease of turning. Maximum glide is achieved through a clean, flat, smooth, and properly waxed base. Edge control is obtained by sharp, smooth, and rust free edges. Ease of turning results from all of the above with a detune.

Nothing beats a ski tune carried out by a trained technician with years of experience, who has the right machinery, tools, and knowledge. Your technician will be able to get your skis back to or as close to its original condition as possible. In terms of what service is required depends on how much damage your skis has sustained and generally how well your skis are (or are not) performing. There are many services our technicians can provide. They include full service, edge and wax, edge repairs, delamination, top sheet repairs, and base grinding among other things. As it is impossible to go through the ins and outs of the many different services available we thought it would be best to focus on the two main services; that would be an edge sharpening & hot wax, and a full service tune.

Our certified technicians use state of the art tuning machinery by Wintersteiger to tune your snowboard and skis.

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