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Have you ever wanted to try that super high end snowboard that just came out but there is no way to do so? Now you can! Are you going on an epic powder trip but don't have a powder board? Now you do!


Introducing the Quiver Locker. Get your hands on a high end performance snowboards and bindings by Burton Snowboards for your upcoming trip to the slopes. Stick Docs is the only snowboard shop in the Los Angeles area that offers high performance demo snowboards. Performance snowboards are limited, make sure to reserve yours soon.

(424) 259-DOCS

FAQ on how to DEMO

Quiver Locker Demo Fleet:
Burton Family Tree Mystery Juice Wagon Camber Snowboard

When you're in search of air and speed across the whole mountain, the Burton Family Tree Mystery Juice Wagon Snowboard gives you the platform to make it happen. It brings the responsive lightweight build and snappy precision of Mystery construction to the original and agile Juice Wagon shape.

Available Board Sizes: 153, 157

Conditions: All Mountain / Powder

Rider Weight Range: 153 (120-180 lbs), 157 (150-200lbs)

Waist Width: 153 (251mm), 157 (254mm)

Skill Level: Expert

MSRP: $1800

Daily Demo Rate: $50

Weekly Demo Rate: $300

Shape: Directional Shape is designed to be ridden with a slightly longer nose than tail to concentrate pop in the tail while providing plenty of float, flow, and control to rip any terrain or condition

Burton Family Tree Straight Chuter Camber Snowboard

Designed to drop where others won't, this big-gun inspired shape is all about speed and control in big terrain.

Available Board Sizes: 155, 159

Conditions: Powder

Rider Weight Range: 155 (120-180lbs), 159 (150-200lbs)

Waist Width: 155 (252mm), 159 (255mm)

Skill Level: Expert

MSRP: $800

Daily Demo Rate: $50

Weekly Demo Rate: $300

Shape: Freeride Directional Shape features a setback camber and a sidecut that is centered on your stance to create a twin freestyle stance when riding flat base, while on edge it turns tight and quick with the float and prowess of a directional deck.

Burton Family Tree Show Stopper Directional Camber Snowboard